Works by Julia Brandenberger
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the older

vs the gold

VS THE GOLD or The Older VS The Gold or Clown Bolero

pins the desire to achieve perfection against the necessary surrender and openness needed for direct contact with an immediate source of inspiration.  It speaks to the dilemma of following the trail of our life without getting caught up in how well we are executing or performing- how well we are living up to the expectation we have set for ourselves.

It encourages the gradual sight of our boxed in expectations and asks audiences to consider what tools are necessary in order to break free from the things that hold us back.  

As it is a clown piece, it probes at these questions in a comedic manner.  It is an external experiment in putting the forms of clown and ballet in the same arena and it is an internal match between opposing desires. The blindfold on the dancer signifies both the pleasure of following and trusting a leading despite a lack of clarity, as well as the danger that keeps a person blindly following along without questioning the restraints which have been placed upon them.

This is what happens when ballet takes a dip into the imaginal world, where possibilities open up and perfection is trumped by play. 


CoHo Theater, Portland OR. Summerfest: RUCKUS Weekend, July 18th-21st 2019

CoHo Theater, Portland OR. Lost. Found. May 16-19th 2019

SoLow Fest PDX, Portland OR. June 13th-15th 2019

The Glitterbox Theater, Pittsburgh PA. October 25th 2019

Monongalia Arts Center, Morgantown PA. October 26th 2019

Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA. October 28th 2019

Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting, Upper Dublin PA. October 29th 2019.

Photos by Carl Dalquist