Works by Julia Brandenberger
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FUNances for Artists

funances for artists

A comedic twist on a financial literacy seminar for artists and creatives. Two very different characters, “Boss” a 20-something artist and work out instructor, and “BJ” a 70-something accountant, come together to deliver the information artists need to know on how to stay motivated, work smarter, and achieve a better work-life balance.

Written and performed in collaboration with Bayley Brown


Coho Theater, Portland OR. "Lost. Found.", May 16th-19th 2019

Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven, Portland OR. "Oddville". June 9th 2019

The ART Barn, Portland OR. July 30th 2019

The Glitterbox Theater, Pittsburgh PA. October 25th 2019

Monongalia Arts Center, Morgantown PA. October 26th 2019

Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA. October 28th 2019

Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting, Upper Dublin PA. October 29th 2019.

photos by Carl Dalquist

FUNances Manifesto AKA Boss’s Errant Thought

As long as you’re connected

To the thing that gives you passion,

That gives you purpose

You’re winning

It may not look like

You think it should look

Or how you thought it would look

When you first started

But as long as you’re still connected

Still fighting

For that thing that makes you feel more valuable than gold

You’re doing it right

You may have to pick up work and skills

in a more lucrative field,

say, Marketing,

In order to make money

But as long as you’re still fighting

You’ll have the will to fund your passion

Grant yourself the power to devote to your work

And give to others who need encouragement

Because the world needs art

The world needs people who have the ability

To manifest the inner world

And share it with others

As long as you’re connected to the thing that gives you passion,

that gives you purpose

You’re winning