Works by Julia Brandenberger



Healthy Boundaries for a sustainable dancing and art making career:


  • No one gets to define my worth. I judge my success based on how well I am following and pursuing my passions and where my heart is leading me and how I am giving back to the communities I care about.


  • No one else gets to define my success.  Other people’s acceptance or approval of me does not make or break my work.  I do not need to be hired into someone else’s company or project in order to feel validated.  My love of dance is valid because it stems from a deeper/higher source. No one gets to pass judgement on that passion.


  • I do not need to compare myself to other people in order to feel validated.  I uphold that everyone is on their own artistic journey, and at different times in our lives we all have different abilities and understandings of our art- it does me no good to compare myself in skill or talent to another in order to bolster my ego or tear myself down.


  • I respect everyone who shows up in the room with me.  I respect and uphold their validity for being there.  I do not assume that any person is better or worse than me, we are all equal in the eyes of god.


  • Other people’s funding of my project or company does not hold bearing on the validity of my company/project.  My project is valid because I care about it deeply and I continue to nurture it.


  • Everyone should be making art- art does not belong to a certain elite or group or race or class of people.  Art belongs to humanity.  If people try to segregate who can participate in a particular art form, such as ballet, on the basis of body type, race, class or any other qualifying criteria they have removed themselves from the collective realm of human art and are trying to uphold an exclusive, man-made façade of the real thing.  I do not need to buy into the belief that only a certain group of people are allowed access to the exclusive world of art.  I uphold that art belongs to all of humanity, and I respect the artistic spark lying in the hearts and souls of all those who are trying and showing up.


  • I have every right to be in ballet class, I do not need to prove that I should be here, I’m here because I love myself and I love dancing.


  • The body I have is perfect for me, no one gets to tell me that it would be better if it were different. No one is allowed to pass judgement on me based on the shape of my body.  Although I can’t control what other people think of me, I will not allow myself to pass judgement on myself and I will uphold above all else that my body is the perfect body for me.


  • If someone does not want to hire or work with me based on the shape of my body then I am fully willing to see that this is a discrimination on their part and I do not give it credence or credibility.  I uphold that the shape of body has no determination on the quality of my dancing or the validity of my art.


Julia Brandenberger