Works by Julia Brandenberger


Positive Ballet

Positive Ballet is an idea that addresses the aspects of ballet that are harmful to the parcitioner/artist/dancer. It seeks to address negative body image ideals which affect a dancer’s sense of worth and promote a positive vision of the of the human form. 

Positive Ballet is an experiment and attempt at answering these questions:

How can there be an example of ballet in the world that fundamentally does not hurt women?

How can we artists and dancers strive for the best, our highest potential in the form of ballet and in our artistic development without succumbing to the standards of an idealized model?

How can we, in the face of a standardized mainstream vision of highest potential, come to know, love and trust ourselves for our individuality and imperfection?

The ideas are in the works and being formulated into a book meant to promote a positive vision for the future of ballet.



Julia Brandenberger