Works by Julia Brandenberger
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rogue theology






I create performance experiences which forge audience members together in the cauldron of the living room Ouija board sleepover.  My work verges upon questions and uncertainties through experiments in comedy and ritual.  Circling around the weird and goofy aspects of fear gives audiences an opportunity to reflect on what awes and inspires them.  Through sharing performances, I build containers to engage with the unknown and continually endeavor to embody a Rogue Theology. 

The most fulfilling aspects of the work are when the audience is having a lot of fun, a really good time and when they are opening up to trust each other, share personal stories and walk in the dark together.  These elements juxtapose one another at different times throughout a piece and they create a cohesive, complementary experience. 


ROGUE THEOLOGY:  Artful experimentation as a means of engaging with theological/philosophical questions.  It is Rogue in that its expression is meant to be wild and full of life in such a way that it juts out from shared expectations.  It is Theological as it is meant to speak to cultural phenomena from a spiritual ground.


ABOUT THE ARTIST:  I create work around questions of value, status and worth within a community and within society at large.  I use performance as a lens of philosophy to engage with questions of how we value our lives and how we make sense of our failures and longings.

The work has been mostly influenced by 20 years of classical ballet culture and training, being an American, 1 semester at the Headlong Performance Institute, luck, about 2 years studying Clown with Donna Oblongata, 1 year at Pendle Hill Centre for Quaker Studies, 2 years of Christopher Uhl's Biological Sciences teaching, Michael Meade's books, and study of ritual and ceremony.

I've had excellent mischeif training attending the Philadelphia Folk Festival for 26 years.   


I am enrolled in the Institute for Contemporary Performance's training program in Portland OR and currently working on launching a new dance project: 

Positive Ballet-